Rob Glazebrook

Front End Developer, brewer,
husband, father, life enthusiast.

About Me

I’m a Front End Developer, which I generally consider to be one of the best careers in the world. I spend my days solving puzzles. I’m given beautiful designs from talented designers, and it’s my job to figure out how to translate them into the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that will allow them to live and breathe on the web.

Puzzles are sort of my thing. When I was a kid, I would take apart my toys to figure out how they worked (less often, I would figure out how to put them back together again). I built my own computers, then I wrote text-based adventures in BASIC to play on them. In 1995 I discovered the magic of HTML, and that’s been an ongoing love affair ever since.

Samples of My Work

The Pioneer Woman

I was responsible for all front end development on this custom WordPress theme for Food Network's Ree Drummond.


I developed the responsive front end for this popular web property of Madison Square Garden.

CDC "Watch Me!" Module

I handled all the front end development for this animated, interactive learning module for the CDC.

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Twitter: @robbyg